To start off this article, these are just my personal opinions. Everyone is different as they should be! This world would be so boring if we all liked the same stuff. So pick out what you like and what you don’t and tell me what they are! All images in this article are for inspiration purposes, I did not take them. Click the links to view the designers site! I tried to make these feasible for all budgets as well. With that said - Lets dive in!

1: Ball Gowns

Why I Love Them -

Not that they ever really went out of style, but with large weddings making a comeback, brides are able to fulfill their princess dreams yet again. I really don’t think there is a more timeless look than a ball gown. Think about it. You see puffy silk shoulders and beaded bodices and you know that dress is from the 80s. There’s some trend with every generation that you can tell when It was popular. Ball gowns have never had that problem, and your photos wont ever go out of style. No one can ever look at you your gown and immediately know you got married in 2023. 

2: Floral Gowns

This is Probably the biggest trend we are seeing for Spring 2023 weddings. Blue tones, Embroidered florals, and floral appliqués all come under this category. I love it because its such a great way to make your self stand out among the crowd. I am dreaming of being your visual storyteller if you are participating in this trend btw. Be free to express yourself on your wedding day. There is absolutely nothing that says you’re dress has to be white. Id recommend sticking to a ball gown or longer trained dress because we don’t want to loose the bridal aspect of the event, you know? And let that be the main element. I wouldn’t layer jewelry, veil, gloves, sleeves, etc with such a bold dress. Keep it simple as I said before. 

3: Gloves

With a Bridgerton hype going around gloves have made a return and I quite happy about it. ( Please don’t hate me, I still haven’t seen the show) but I do love the aesthetic ! I think gloves elevate your look to a whole new level with out looking like you’re trying to hard. The key to wearing gloves is to pick the right length and fabric. I found this amazing article by Martha Stewart you can read to learn everything you need to know.

4: Satin Slip Dress

This dress trend is gorgeous and another style that literally flatters every body type. It goes hand in hand with the scoop neckline trend. Pair it with silk gloves, a pearl veil, or a cape (keep reading for those details) and you’ll be checking all the boxes. Elegant, beautiful, trendy, and timeless. 

5: Scoop Neckline

This neckline is in this list because it flatters everyone. I am someone with larger girls and a scoop neck helps provide a lot more support than most other strapless options. It shows off the girls big or small and helps elongate the neck. I definitely recommend trying it out and seeing how you feel!

6: Pearl Embellishments

Not necessarily Pearl gowns, but the dress accessories. Pearl veils, hair appliqués, necklaces, earrings, shoes, all of it. I do recommend not to over do it. Pick 3/4 and be done. Don’t over do it. I would pair a silk slip dress with a pearl veil, earrings and shoes. For a ballgown or A-Line dress I’d pick Pearl Gloves, earrings and hair appliqué. You want to make sure that when you see yourself, and when others see you, they say “Wow! They look amazing in that!” And not “ Wow, that dress (or veil etc) is amazing. “ I want you to be seen not just what you are wearing. Hence why I’m saying to not over do it so much. 

7: Mini Wedding Dresses

I truly wasn’t so sure about Short Dresses at first. But I have come around. I believe they have their place and that’s why I have them in this list. Do I think they’re great for large formal ceremony’s? No. BUT for elopements, micro weddings, courthouse ceremonies, and reception party dresses — yes! Absolutely, Love it, give me more. Its a way to have the best of both worlds for a larger wedding. Dancing is hard in a ball gown. Tbh sitting down is difficult inn a ball gown. No one said you can’t do both! Have your princess moment then change and dance the night away. Getting hitched downtown or out of town? Perfect choice. Easy to carry with you, easy to put on, easy to move around and is so fun. 

I love Untamed Petals Mini Dresses. Hence why you see a lot of links through out this list. I have multiple items from Etsy as well, but in my search for mini dresses to share, I didn't trust ANY listings to recommend to you. I saw 3 listings that are copy cats of the Mini Caspian dress on there and I can't do that to the Original designer, plus you don't know the quality. So I just avoided it all together, but I thought it was important to let you know why.


Here’s one that I think must be done correctly or else it doesn’t work. It is a statement peice, so I wouldn’t pair it with a ball gown or a veil. A slip dress or A-line gown is the best choice to pair a cape with. If you choose a cape, wear that baby and let it be the star. Most that I have seen are tulle or lace. I love the ones that are beaded at the shoulder and then have pearls or sparkles embellished on the back. Open back dresses are wonderful for this cape trend too! Here's my picks and where you can buy them.


No matter what your preference, I think there is something in these 2023 dress trends that fit everyone. You can make your day your own, look amazing, still be trendy and be timeless for your photos. What are your personal favorites out of these trends? Are you going to be buying anything from this list? What trends don’t you care for? I want your opinions too! 

Now go be wild, be confident, and have time planning your wedding day!

Special thanks to all the amazing company's that provide top notch products! Consider me your ambassador.

Next up is 2023 Color Palette Trends (Ones I love & Ones I don't)

-Autumn Phillips