My Dream Weddings

So every photographer has dreams right? I have been shooting weddings for over 6 years now they never get old. I love everything about the whole experience as your visual storyteller. I decided to make a bucket list of all the weddings and other shoots i want to do during my career, and if you happen to be on this list be prepared for a huge discount when booking me because you are literally making my dreams come true.

Wedding Category

1: Hawaii ( because it's Hawaii - It is a working Vaca in my opinion.)

2: Fairytale / Disney Themed Wedding - I am a huge Disney fangirl. Beauty and the Beast take my top spot. I always related to being a little socially awkward and more into books than boys or parties as a kid. Double points if the wedding takes place AT Disney World. 

3: Castle Wedding in Ireland. - to go along with the whole Disney feel I love mid-evil places, and who doesn't love rolling hills of greenery. Who wants to channel your inner rom-com?

4: Ice Cave, Iceland Elopement - The huge ice caves and rocky mountains are just breathe taking.

5: tree Wedding: Do I really need to say anything else? I think not.

6: Mountain/Snow Elopement - Consider me excited to get bundled up for the ceremony.

7: Doggo in Ceremony. - Please someone -have your pupper in your wedding and hire me. I will obsess over how cute he/she is and ensure the doggo is also treated as the royalty he/she is.  DONE 10/2021

8: Literally any Wedding related to or near the Grand Canyon, Utah, Or Desert. I went on a road trip through those places a few years ago and fell in love but haven't been back.

9: White Sands, New Mexico Elopement. - It makes the perfect backdrop for a portraits with the white sand dunes behind you. Pop in some color with your floral arrangements and you have a one of a kind ceremony!

10: Las Vegas - Lets go super modern with a short tulle dress, direct flash, bright lights, and some sun glasses sat night. I literally love Vegas but haven't ever gotten to shoot a ceremony there.

If any of these ideas are up your alley and you want me to be your Storyteller, you're in luck. I will NOT be charging for services if your ceremony will be taking place in any of theses areas. You only pay for travel! I get to do something I have never done before and you get a discount. It's a WIN WIN to me.

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