Hello Loves!

I'm Autumn Phillips.

If you are here, we have a lot in common. We are adventurous, curious, and passionate people. We are continually seeking to better ourselves in this beautiful world we live in. We find the beauty in the worst of situations, and are the go to "glass is half full" person.

How It Began

When I was a child, my father bought me this cheap, plastic, Disney camera. Like, one of the first kids digital cameras in the early 2000s. I took that tiny, Pirates of the Caribbean camera and photographed everything. EVERYTHING. My moms flower garden, random bugs, and all our farm animals (Yes I know, welcome to growing up in rural Alabama.) After that I was hooked. When I was 15, my dad got me a real camera, I took classes in high school, and started asking friends for if I they'd be my model so I could practice. I learned everything I could as a teenager.

Flash forward to when I was attending a friend's wedding couples years later. I loved how beautiful everything looked, how happy the couple was, and I watched their Photographer like a hawk. She was just as excited to be there as the couple was. She was practically in charge of the entire environment. I fell in love with the whole experience. I then contacted every local wedding photographer and started second shooting with them to learn. I got accepted into The Art Institute and started working on my Associates Degree in Photography.

Finding My Own Way

I remember my first wedding. I was terrified of standing in the isle! Everyone would be able to see me, what if I fell, what if I missed the kiss, what if, what if , what if. But I HAD to do it. and I did. It went with out a hitch. I remembered my training and knew how I wanted to run the business, just lacked confidence to get in front of the clients I wanted. But I persevered.

Now, 6 years, and 40+ weddings later I have the honor of being a leader in the field. I strive everyday to continue to grow my brand and increase my client experience.

Client experience, and over all impact is the most important aspect of Autumn & Co.

I want to express raw emotion, the tearful joy of saying "I Do" and cackling laughter of the reception speeches.

I do what I do to spread love. To make art. To share joy.

If you feel the same way, then we should work together.

See you soon,

Autumn Phillips

Barkley -my sweet furry child

Shout out to Baldwin Carden Photography for these images

I had my first shoot where I modeled - this is that and it meant the world to me. See my blog to find out why.

Second Shooter - Baldwin

Second Shooter - Breanna

In the middle of detail shots - we were hot and sweaty but loving it!



“Autumn did a fantastic job! She definitely had the sense of humor to deal with our crazy group. We would recommend Autumn to anyone getting married if you want stress free with the best results! She also did our engagement photos, which turned out awesome!”