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Why Your Unique Story Is Embraced With Autumn & Co Photography

As visual storytellers, Autumn & Co Photography is passionate about creating natural and creative moments to remember. We offer a beautiful perspective to your most cherished moments that give you a story you’ll remember forever. As a photography company, we work hard to build you a beautiful wedding portfolio for you to share with generations to come. Read more about how we embrace your story below.


Beautifully Capture Your Moment

With our custom approach to photography, Autumn & Co Photography can beautifully capture your moment. With award-winning photographers, we are visual artists that work hard to give you wedding photography that you’ll love. Helping create, capture, and preserve organic and loving moments in a custom-made portfolio. We design each creation specific to your story and memories.


Your Story Created In Art

A picture speaks a thousand words, so let your wedding moment be created through art. Our down-to-earth team of photographers are passionate about making you feel comfortable and beautiful. Watch your most precious moments be created in art with our customized portfolios and photography. See your wedding moment through the lens of an artist.


Your Story Matters, We Help Preserve It

Every story is different and every person is unique. Our wedding photography highlights your story in a way that will be preserved for generations to come. With such a personal story being brought to life, we strive to give you the most creative and moving portfolios, preserving those precious memories. Your story matters and we work diligently to help you preserve it in new and artistic ways.


Experience Your Unique Story Through A New Lens

Living in the present moment holds priceless value, but experiencing your unique story through a new lens and perspective brings a new thrill. We are more than wedding photographers, we are wedding storytellers. We celebrate each couple's uniqueness by providing you with personalized photographs that only enhance your sentimental story.

Whether you’re looking for photographers, artists, or creative storytellers, Autumn & Co Photography gives you customized portfolios that celebrate your cherished moments. Schedule Your Wedding Photographer Today!